The Battle Miles 2 Miler with Burpees - My First Battle Miles Virtual Race

In one of my recent posts I introduced the Battle Miles Virtual Races.  This was one I stumbled upon one night while aimlessly scrolling through my social media feed.  Don’t you just love how re-targeting ads suck you right in and follow everything you’ve been searching for?  Well, for real…in this case I was very thankful because that re-targeting brought Battle Miles to my attention.

So, I decided to take on their most simple race and do the 2 Miler with Burpees.

I have been doing the Spartan Trifecta Sprint for the past month every Saturday and have loved the results.  Although the 2 miler does not involve as much as the Spartan Trifecta Sprint, I thought it would be perfect to start yesterday off with and then train for a bit for next week’s Pharaoh Marathon.

I love doing my runs, cardio training and virtual races at the Grand Traverse Civic Center.  It’s such a lovely place with like minded individuals and a track that runs roughly 1 mile.  You get some nice inclines and declines, there is social distancing in place and some lovely nature views along your path.

I started my day with my Battle Miles virtual race and ran my first mile strong.  I use the Runkeeper app on my phone and have it set to drill sergeant for the voice checking in every 5 minutes and every mile that I complete.

Using the Runkeeper app with those settings is my favorite as it keeps me motivated …along with my tailored workout playlist through my Incredible bluetooth headphones.

Once the drill sergeant yelled that I had completed my first mile, I dropped down with a fast 10 burpees.

Then continued for the 2nd mile and second set of burpees.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly some ice cold air and a set of burpees can take your breath away but just push through…the gains and accomplished goals are always worth it!

Now, like I said…I have been doing the Spartan Trifecta Sprint every week for a month now and my body has built up some strength and endurance in doing so.  So, for me the Battle Miles 2 miler didn’t take everything out of me but it was still a solid intro challenge.  I am currently training for next week’s Pharaoh Marathon (I am doing the 10K) so I figured I would add that training to complete my day.  I ran another 3 miles after that and it really took it out of me.  

I reached my runners high around mile 4 yesterday and was completely in the zone for the remainder of my workout.

There’s a very large difference running in heat vs ice cold air…and it’s only going to get worse as the days progress here in Northern Michigan.  But I am definitely looking forward to it!

I am stoked to have taken on my first Battle Miles Virtual Competition and I definitely look forward to the next ones as they only get harder from here on out.  As soon as I got home, I uploaded my GPX file to my Battle Miles account and will look forward to seeing where I rate against all of the fitness junkies out there on the monthly leaderboard…who knows…maybe one of these will result in a gold medal one month!

I was excited to come home, drink my Protein mix, open my Battle Miles dog tag medal and hang it with my other achievements.  It’s a good feeling to stay on top of my fitness, even amidst a global pandemic.

What Is A Virtual Race?

Virtual races are just like traditional races and have risen in popularity since the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on in-person gatherings and social distancing guidelines.  What makes these races so amazing is that you can run, jog or walk them.  It doesn’t matter what physical shape you are in..they are meant to push your boundaries and reach your fitness goals.


What Day And Time Are The Races Held?

Whenever…Wherever You Want!

One issue I ran into with races and competitions in the past was the time and day.  I have a very busy schedule and with Battle Miles, along with other virtual races, I get to choose when and where I want to have my race!


Compete Against Others

Once you complete your race, upload your results from one of the approved fitness apps and your finisher medal is sent right to your door.  See where you are at against other competitors on the leaderboard and race your way to the top!

If you place first for the month in a specific race, then you are sent a 1st place gold medal in addition to your finisher medal 🙂

It’s as simple as that!  

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