Does keto work for everyone? 8 reasons people aren’t losing weight on the keto diet

Keto diet has been an excellent measure for effecting weight loss in many individuals. People like it because it has allowed them to lose weight without doing the normal calorie counting and other stuff.

However, it is only professional to state at this time that a keto diet is limited to certain people, and it’s not recommended for people who have underlying health challenges. But if you think you are 100% fit for a keto diet, and you are not getting the expected results, you could look at these possible reasons and find out why it is not working for you.

Your carb intake level is still high

It is very possible that you are still high on your carb intake, even though you are supposed to be on a keto diet. You will need to cut down the level of carb you are taking before your body can be manipulated into burning fats for energy instead of glucose. As a safe recommendation, only about 5% of the calories produced in your food should be sourced from carbs.

Your food isn’t nutritious enough

No weight loss plan works effectively without being complemented with nutritious foods. You will not get far with your keto diet efforts if you are sticking with processed foods. Getting a 100% result on your weight loss goals will be almost impossible when you result to nutrient-poor foods such as hot dogs, snack bars, as well as fast foods. This food type is highly lacking in vitamins and antioxidants.

Too many calories

Anyone who wants to lose weight should be prepared to pay the price of having a deficit in calories. You can do this by cutting down your calorie intake, or by getting involved in more physical activities. Even if you are on a ketogenic diet, and you aren’t watching the number of calories you are consuming, it will be difficult for you to lose weight.

You may have a medical issue

The keto diet has been an effective way to lose weight for many people. However, if you’ve been on a keto diet and did not lose any weight, even while you are sure you have done everything right, then it’s about time you checked yourself whether you are having a medical issue you aren’t aware of. Cushing’s syndrome, PCOS, depression, and Hypothyroidism are some of the health complications that can ruin a keto diet routine.

Your Weight loss goals are unrealistic

It’s natural for anyone to want to see instant results as they undertake a new weight loss program, but you should know that weight loss is not the same with everybody. The ketogenic diet is effective, though that doesn’t make it a rapid weight loss program.  You can do measurements on your arms weekly to track your progress.

Constantly snacking on foods with high-calories

The use of healthy foods as snacks in between meals for preventing hunger is such a brilliant idea. But when you consume a high amount of calories in the process, it results in a weight loss plateau, ultimately ruining your keto diet efforts. Settle for low-calorie foods as your snacking options as that would benefit you a lot in achieving your weight loss goals.

Inadequate sleep & stress

Thanks to recent research, facts are beginning to surface on how stress and insufficient sleep can hamper your weight loss goals. Your body tends to produce the cortisol hormone when you put yourself under too much stress. With cortisol present in your body, it tends to store more fats.

Less physical activity

As part of your weight loss efforts, it is always recommended that you do an adjustment to your lifestyle by getting involved in more physical activities. You have to do that for your keto diet goals to be achieved.

More physical activities mean more calories will be burnt, and your muscles will be developed to allow for more energy burning.

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