There have been many questions over the years about how a person can lose weight most effectively. People try to work out all day, try to gym daily and eat disgusting tasteless foods in order to maintain a calorie deficit diet and yet, for some it simply does not work effectively.

This was until technology came onto the market and captivated the entire world with their new and innovative products. Le-Vel introduced patches that we can stick onto the body, allowing our skin to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream helping the human body lose weight. This product is highly effective and has exploded since coming into the market just over 5 years ago.

DFT Black Label

This is the flagship product of the company with many improvements from its predecessors the DFT and DFT Ultra. It uses Derma Fusion Technology to the next level and involves bio-availability, easy absorption and delivery technology. The patch allows nutrients to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream allowing you to feel active and energized. This enables the user to exercise much more effectively and lose weight more easily. The new formula contains new ingredients that have been included to boost your everyday performance.

Purpose and benefits

It is very simple to use and apply for anyone over the age of 18, except for pregnant women. The patch helps the user to manage their weight effectively while also absorbing necessary nutrients to lose weight throughout the day. This causes a calorie deficit in the user and hence, a drop in the weight. The product promises a faster and improved metabolism system, which means that food, will be processed faster and hence calories will be removed faster.

Furthermore, it is also said to allow a much more peaceful sleep at night due to your body feeling satisfied with all its required nutrients being provided to it all day long. Expect better gains in the gym too because when you feel fresh and sharp, you will be able to exercise like never before and lift heavier.

Some of the ingredients include:

Green tea

Most of the ingredients included are natural ones, which testify to how safe it is to use the patch. Cosmoperine is the key ingredient in all of this technology and is critical to the whole process as it is responsible for allowing the ingredients and nutrients to be absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.

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